Collection of Endre Recska

Endre Recska is a collector of woodworking hand tools and he has tools of different crafts. He is the member of the Hungarian Collector's Association. They reguralry organizing exhibitions in Hungary.

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Literature of Endre Recska

Timber Industrial Iron Tool Trademarks Registered in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and in the Kingdom of Hungary Between 1876-1945

This book has three objectives: to provide a comprehensive catalogue of registered trademarks on iron tools used in the timber industries in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy during the period of 1876-1945, to provide examples of signs found on axes, broad /felling axes, hatchets, choppers and picks, respectively, in order to broaden the knowledge in this field to explaine the complicated classification system used by the iron-mongers in the 19th century The short description of two Hungarian iron tool manufacturers - Rimamurány-Salgótarjáni Vasmű Rt (Rimamurány-Salgótarján Iron Works PLC) and the Szentendrei Szerszámüzem (Szentendre Iron Tool Manufacture) - , highly esteemed by the author, is also included in the book. The photos are prepared by the author on the basis of his own axe-collection. The statistical relationships derived from the large number of collection items enable to shed light on general rules and regularities. Chapter 9 provides a catalogue of 1123 trademarks containing not only the photos of the signs, but also exact data with regards to the date, place of registration and the owner of the trademark for a given iron tool and sign. Consequently, by using the catalogue the origin of the tools can be exactly determined.

 March 2007, Budapest


1. Introduction

2. Signs on the iron tools

3. The analysis of signs contained by the catalogue of registered trademarks

4. The position of the signs on the iron tools

5. A historical retrospection on the tool-makers 6. How to use the catalogue of registered trademarks

7. Notices

8. References

9. The catalogue of registered trademarks

10. How to find the trademarks of the catalogue in the "Central Bulletin" and in the "Central Bulletin of Registered Trademarks" (Központi Értesítő, Központi Védjegyértesítő)

Registered Trademarks of Knives, Razors, Side Arms and Thrusting Weapons Knives, Razors, Side Arms and Thrusting Weapons Trademarks Registered in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and in the Kingdom of Hungary Between 1876-1945

My previous book, entitled Timber Industrial Iron Trademarks, published in 2007, presented more than one thousand illustrations of trademarks registered between 1876-1945 in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and in the Kingdom of Hungary. In collecting the documentation for this book, I found many well-designed pictures of trademarks applied by the blacksmiths on knives, razors, and various weapons. They captured my attention and inspired me to collect and publish the registered trademarks of these tools, taking me far afield from my usual area of research, which is the timber industry. Consequently, Readers of this book are requested to consider this publication an outgrowth of previous work on trademarks. Its purpose is to present additional examples of registered trademarks applied by blacksmiths around the time of the transition from the 19th to the 20th century. The nearly 800 trademarks presented here are only a sample of the trademarks found on tools during this period, because the blacksmiths, for unknown reasons, did not always register them. Further research is needed before a comprehensive publication may be produced of unregistered trademarks and trademark applications made by blacksmiths working in guilds or alone in villages during previous periods. The present catalogue follows the same format as the previously published one. That is, all the following information is presented in a single line: pictures of the trademark, the name of the owner of the trademark, the place and date of registration, and the name of the registered tool. I call the kind Readers' attention to the fact that the trademarks listed here cannot be found exclusively on the tools mentioned in the book's title. This is because the owners of the trademark also used them on tools or utensils on objects that are beyond the scope of this book, and therefore are not dealt with. For this reason, I also offer this catalogue to those who are studying the origin of other varieties of tools and utensils, because some of these trademarks may also appear on these objects as well. I wish good success in researching old trademarks to all my kind Readers and Colleagues who have the goal of understanding and preserving the old values. I hope that my efforts are useful to my audience in providing them with a book that will allow them to identify a trademark whose origin they have long been seeking.

 Budapest, 2011


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. On the trademarks

3. Analysis of signs presented in the catalogue of registered trademarks

4. A historical perspective of the tool-makers

5. How to use the catalogue of registered trademarks

6. Suggestions for searching

7. The catalogue of registered trademarks

8. Provenance of trademarks listed in this book in the Central Bulletin (Központi Értesítő) and the Central Bulletin of Registered Trademarks (Központi Védjegyértesítő)

Ein Auswahl der Beitelsammlung von Endre Recska, Budapest-Ungarn 


View Year of registration in Austria-Hungary and Hungary Trade mark Trade mark (back side)
1   Warenzeichen 1B  
2 Foto 2a 1892 Foto 2b Foto 2c
3 Foto 3a 1883 Foto 3b  
4 Foto 4a   Warenzeichen 4B  
5 Foto 5a 1902 Foto 5b  
6 Foto 6a 1902 Foto 6b  
7 Foto 7A   Foto 7B  
8 Foto 8a 1902 Foto 8b  
9 Foto 9a 1890 Foto 9b  
10 Foto 10a 1890 Foto 10b  
11 Foto 11a 1890 Foto 11b Foto 11c
12 Foto 12a 1888 Foto 12b  
13 Foto 13A   Foto 13B  
14 Foto 14A   Foto 14B  
15 Foto 15a   Foto 15b  
16 Foto 16a 1909? Foto 16b  
17 Foto 17a 1909 Foto 17b  
18 Foto 18a      
19 Foto 19A   Foto 19B  
20 Foto 20a 1902 Foto 20b  


View Year of registration in Austria-Hungary and Hungary Trade Mark Trade mark (back side)
21 Foto 21a 1901 Foto 21b  
22 Foto 22A   Foto 22B  
23 Foto 23a 1889 Foto 23b  
24 Foto 24a      
25 Foto 25a      
26 Foto 26a      
27 Foto 27a 1901 Foto 27b  
28 Foto 28a   Foto 28b  
29 Foto 29a 1901 Foto 29b  
30 Foto 30a      
31 Foto 31a 1889 Foto 31b  
32 Foto 32a 1889 Foto 32b  
33 Foto 33a 1889 Foto 33b  
34 Foto 34a 1889 Foto 34b  
35 Foto 35a 1895 Foto 35b  
36 Foto 36a 1890 Foto 36b Foto 36c
37 Foto 37a 1890 Foto 37b Foto 37c
38 Foto 38a 1890 Foto 38b Foto 38c
39 Foto 39a 1895 Foto 39b Foto 39c
40 Foto 40a 1895 Foto 40b  
41 Foto 41A   Foto 41B  
42 Foto 42a 1894 Foto 42b Foto 42c
43 Foto 43a 1883 Foto 43b  
44 Foto 44a   Foto 44b  
45 Foto 45a   Foto 45b  
46 Foto 46a 1884 Foto 46b  
47 Foto 47a      
48 Foto 48a   Foto 48b  
49 Foto 49a      
50 Foto 50a   Foto 50b  


# View Year of registration in Austria-Hungary and Hungary Trade mark Trade mark (back side)
51 Foto 51a 1890 Foto 51b Foto 51b
52 Foto 52a 1903 Foto 52b  
53 Foto 53a   Foto 53b  
54 Foto 54a 1890 Foto 54b  
55 Foto 55a 1883 Foto 55b  
56 Foto 56a 1892 Foto 56b  
57 Foto 57a      
58 Foto 58a 1892 Foto 58b Foto 58c
59 Foto 59a 1895 Foto 59b  
60 Foto 60a 1902 Foto 60b  
61 Foto 61A   Foto 61B  
62 Foto 62a 1895 Foto 62b  
63 Foto 63a 1898 Foto 63b  
64 Foto 64q      
65 Foto 65A   Foto 65B  
66 Foto 66a   Foto 66b  
67 Foto 67a   Foto 67b Foto 67c
68 Foto 68   Foto 68b  
69 Foto 69a      
71 Foto 71a   Foto 71b  
72 Foto 72a   Foto 72b  
73 Foto 73a   Foto 73b Foto 73c
74 Foto 74a   Foto 74b Foto 74d
75 Foto 75a   Foto 75b  
76 Foto 76a   Foto 76b Foto 76c
77 Foto 77a 1890 Foto 77b Foto 77c
78 Foto 78a 1890 Foto 78b Foto 78c
79 Foto 79a 1890 Foto 79b Foto 79c
80 Foto 80a   Foto 80b Foto 80c
81 Foto 81a 1890 Foto 81b  
82 Foto 82a 1890 Foto 82b  




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